Las Migas

Four women: Sílvia, Isabelle, Lisa and Marta. Four cities: Palafrugell, Sèvres, Berlin and Seville. Four visions and one passion: flamenco. All these elements together in a single meeting point: Barcelona. The four European musicians play together in order to create an explosion of pure, rebellious and unique sound: it’s the musical art of Las Migas. Flamenco that inspires the soul and brings energy to the spirit. Sometimes Las Migas are soft, with a bit of melancholy, but, at others, they are energetic and full of feelings. It’s just their music telling you: “Things are like this, but we ought to keep fighting to reach our dreams”. The four women consider themselves “musical smugglers” and so the name of their first album is ‘Reinas del Matute’ (Smuggling Queens).

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Article publicat a Europe&Me, en l’edició número 28 (any 2012).

Laura Basagaña

Laura Basagaña

Editora de Llavor Cultural.

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